• Mandalay Bay Convention Center (map)
  • 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard
  • Las Vegas, NV, 89119
  • United States

Keynote Presentation: 1 hour 30 min
Presenter: Mark S. Fernandes

Values Based Leadership 3.0: Better Person, Braver Leader, Wiser World

The world is becoming more turbulent faster than most individuals and organizations are becoming resilient. People today care about different things and are better informed, better educated, and better connected than in the past. Their expectations from business in their roles as customers, team members, suppliers, investors, and community members are rapidly changing. Unfortunately, most companies have not evolved to keep pace with all these changes and are still doing business using mindsets and practices that were appropriate for a very different world. We are experiencing a global leadership crisis and, at the same time, are asking for solutions and ready to flourish. Flourishing requires a different leadership mindset and skill-set, a state of being that harnesses the collective power of authentically connecting to one’s self, compassionately connecting to others in order to courageously contribute to the world.  

In Values Based Leadership 3.0, participants will learn how leadership continues to evolve as business shifts to the human side. An evolution that has companies prioritizing people over profits while also ensuring their employees can make a difference while they are making a living. The most current mind-sets, process and practices in leadership, most specifically Values Based Leadership will be shared in such a manner that those in attendance can begin using some of what they learned the minute they walk out the door.

Learning Outcomes: 
• The current state of the transforming world of work, how we got here, and how well we are responding to the changes.
• Values Based Leadership 3.0 and it’s most current process, practices and rituals in response to the ever changing world of work.
• The importance of developing leaders at all levels and the resulting improved performance, faster adoption of new objectives and initiatives, and elevated levels of engagement.
• Why the belief that “leaders must go first” is an imperative in work and life; and the path to dig out of the current leadership crisis we find ourselves in.