We have had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of thousands of people globally on a variety of subjects including leadership, human performance, culture, and the future of work. From convention centers to factory floors, participants have ranged from c-suite executives and military special operations officers, to front line manufacturers and high school graduates. And regardless of age, industry, experience, or geography, our goal for every engagement is quite simple, to provide our audience with a clear and compelling message, and a few good stories to illustrate it.

Whether we are speaking on a stage, lecturing in a classroom, or facilitating a workshop, we approach every session with our mission in mind, to change the way we live and work for the better. Our beliefs that all lives are precious, and all human beings extraordinary, inspire us to work with diligence and care for each and every engagement; and our value of excellence ensures we sweat all the details ahead of time, allowing us to be present and engaged the day of the event, and enjoy the experience as much as those in attendance.



We follow a process of discovery, delivery, and accessibility for each of our engagements. Discovery is the work we do up front to best understand our client, the intended message, the audience, and the most suitable format and voice for us to present in. While we have our standard keynotes, lectures, and workshops, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our content and voice to best suit the audience without sacrificing the intended clear and compelling message. Our delivery is casual and interactive, blending experiences and stories with facts and data. The goal is to provide audiences with a dose of education, and a powerful call to action that they can put in play as soon as they leave the venue. Post a session, we believe accessibility is key and provide participants with multiple means of re-connecting; and see it as the highest form positive feedback when they do reach out.


Sample Keynote Presentations & Lectures

  • Humanizing Business: Changing the Way We Live and Work for the Better
  • Values-Based Leadership and the Future of Work  
  • Navigating the Transforming World of Work: The Rise of Culture as King  
  • Humanizing Business: Actualizing the Limitless Potential and Performance Capabilities of the Workforce    
  • Leadership is Everyone’s Business
  • Leadership Development and Succession Planning: Building a Deep and Talented Bench
  • Millennials in the Mix: Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

Sample Workshops & Breakout Sessions

  • Introduction to Values-Based Leadership and Leader Behavior (best when paired with Insights Discovery Personal Profile)
  • Values-Based Leadership 201 and Personal Core Values  
  • Feedback and Fierce Conversations: Coming Out from Behind Yourself
  • Leading in the Moment: From Awareness to Action (best when paired with individual ESCI assessments)
  • Best Self in Work and Life: The Art and Science of Leadership Done Well  
  • Vision, Inspiration, and Influence: The Master Skills of Leadership